Game of Checkers, Part 6: a tiny drama in CK2's Game of Thrones mod

Pointing the Littlefinger

While all this is going on, people are dying like crazy. Samwell Tarly expires after falling ill. He was 62. Nanndrick’s husband, the wildling chief, dies in a battle somewhere up north. Dana Whent, Ninedrick’s wife, dies at age 73. I never did find out who she cheated with to produce the blonde Nerdrick. Speaking of which, Nerdrick himself dies a natural death soon after at age 42. Sorry, Nerdy.

I drop the sheaf of death notices into my lap and look up to find my Master of Whispers standing in my doorway, waggling her eyebrows. I'm becoming very, very fond of my Master of Whispers. It seems she's uncovered another useful plot. Lord Littlefinger Jr., the thorn in my side, wants to assassinate another member of the Baelish clan for some reason. This means I can legally imprison him just as I did Osney.

I only have a 52% chance of capturing him, and if I miss he might revolt. With money for mercs and the army from Sunset Keep, I've got more than enough soldiers to take him down if it comes to war, but Baelish has a powerful ally, Lord Alesandor of the Sisters, the island chain to the north. The Sisters has a big army, and they could be here in a flash. Still, what else can I do? I send out my soldiers to capture little Littlefinger.


And, amazingly, it works. It works! I’m two for two in capturing my enemies. I quickly exile Littlefinger Jr. and send him to The Wall to join Osney. Gosh, I love sending people north to freeze their butts off. With that, amazingly, all of The Fingers are truly and completely under my control, and Daisy is secured as my heir.


Which is good, because Rosie promptly drops dead at the age of 34. Natural causes.

Sheesh! All of this nonsense and drama happened because I decided to take The Paps. That tiny, worthless little island to the east. Unfortunately, The Paps isn't done causing trouble. Not by a longshot. And not just for Daisy, but for the rest of The Vale.


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Christopher Livingston
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