Game of Checkers, Part 6: a tiny drama in CK2's Game of Thrones mod

Hitting the Wall

It's all in ruins. My health, my family, my game. I can't go to war, I can't bribe people, and no one likes me enough to join in any darker plots available. With nothing else to do, I simply sit there and watch the days and weeks tick by. I've done all I can, which is very little, and what little I've done has become my undoing.

Then, one day, my Master of Whispers sticks her head into my chamber and quietly clears her throat. Ooh. Maybe we've got something.

It seems Lord Osney of Sunset Keep has hatched a plot to assassinate a knight named Ser Cerwyn who resides at his court. I don’t know who the hell Cerwyn is or why Osney wants him dead, and I don’t care. The important thing is, plotting to murder someone is a crime, and I can legally arrest Osney. Osney being in my dungeon gives me a couple of options, but first I have to capture him.


The game tells me I have a 54% chance of arresting him. That’s dicey. If I miss, he could declare war on me, and Sunset Keep has a much larger army, so that could be the end of my game right there. As if reading my thoughts, Osney suddenly changes his vote. He elects himself to be my heir. With my vote for Daisy, and Oseny and Baelish each voting for themselves, it's a tie, and in the case of a tie, the dynasty is favored.

Soon after, though, Baelish changes his vote as well, to support Osney. Why, I'm not sure. Perhaps he likes Osney better, or perhaps because Osney has a more powerful army. Either way, I'm still screwed. I decide to roll the dice and try to arrest Osney because I simply can't think of anything else to do, and it pays off. My guards somehow manage to slip into his castle and nab him. Now, that I've got him, what should I do with him?

I could straight up execute Osney, but that seems a bit harsh: all he's really done is a little murder plotting, and for all I know he has a good reason for it. I could also ransom him back to Sunset Keep. That would net me some gold, which I desperately need, but I'd still be in roughly the same dire situation I'm in now. I decide to go with the third option: exile.

Banishing Osney lets me seize a bunch of his gold, solving my money problems. Sending him to The Wall to serve on The Night's Watch boosts my prestige and piety, because I’m helping to defend my realm. Plus, I'm now Lady of Sunset Keep. Everything worked out perfectly! Except for, you know, Osney.


Now, with only two votes, it’s one vote for Daisy (from me) and one for Littlefinger Jr. (for himself) with the tie favoring my dynasty. Still not a perfect situation, but it's better than it was.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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