G-Fuel announces a poo-themed drink inspired by 2001's edgiest videogame character

Conker in Conker's Bad Fur Day
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I can hardly think of any other game series that has been tortured quite in the way Conker has. As if the titular squirrel hadn't had a rough enough existence already, G-Fuel is ready to drag his corpse out of its grave and theme an entire drink around it, for some reason.

Not only that, but the energy drink brand has created the whole thing around one of Conker's Bad Fur Day's weirdest characters: the Mighty Poo. Yep, G-Fuel is literally marketing a shit-themed drink from a game that's over two decades old. No, this isn't another toe-curlingly cringe skit from Nathan For You. This is a real, actual thing that exists. Thankfully the drink itself won't taste like excrement—unless you're really not a fan of G-Fuel—but rather is "tropical corn soda" flavoured. Honestly, I'm not sure if that flavour is any better. I see what you're trying to do G-Fuel, and I hate it.

It's definitely one of the weirder energy drink collaborations the brand has gone for, and I'm still not entirely sure why Conker's Bad Fur Day was chosen over literally anything else. But to hand it to G-Fuel, the tub's design is pretty rad and I'm sure it's one that long-time Conker fans will appreciate. The limited-edition flavour also comes with an exclusive Mighty Poo Youtooz figure. For some reason they've given him pearly whites instead of what I always thought were corn for teeth, but aside from that he's a pretty neat-looking figurine. As neat as a plastic pile of poo can look, anyway.

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Right now you can join a waitlist for the $60 collector's box, which is due to ship some time in April. I'm almost curious enough to buy it, just to know exactly what a tropical corn soda gamer drink would taste like. Almost. I'm not sure if I could get past the implications of why it's corn-flavoured, though.

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