Future PCs made of blood and spit


If you built a computer using your own bodily fluids, would you – shamanlike – imbue it with mystical powers and the very essence of your life force? Would it be, technically, an android? We're about to find out, if researchers at the University of Tel Aviv have their way.

They've figured out a way to create nano-scale transistors from organic materials, including blood, milk and mucus. Which means not only are they the future of electronics, they could also be classed as art.

And they're biodegrable. Everyone wins.

According to papers published in Nano Letters and Advanced Materials , the team has successfully created transistors that are just 4nm high using proteins from their delightful selection of materials. Apparently, when spread thinly enough the proteins form a film with semiconductive properties. Which means they could be used for everything from display screens to full devices.

One interesting property – beyond the fact that THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE – is that chips made from these organic materials would also be flexible, rather than solid.

It feels like it should be an early April Fool, but apparently is genuine. An article investigating the conductive properties of cow blood plasma published by the team dates back to 2009.

(Via Wireless Design )