France's overtime Bastion push was Overwatch cheese played at the highest level

Oh, Bastion. Can’t live with him, can’t push payloads without him. Everyone’s favorite Omnic has been seeing quite a bit of love in professional Overwatch lately. EnVyUs’ Taimou used him with great success on Route 66 back at the Overwatch Contenders finals, and France just had AKM on Bastion for an amazing overtime victory on Junkertown at the Overwatch World Cup finals at Blizzcon. The keys, as you can imagine, were great shielding, a Mercy boost, and some good ol’ Zenyatta debuffs. 

Check out the Bastion-topped payload, armored with twin shields, wrecking through China's lines in the gifs below:

With Knoxxx on Reinhardt and Nico flexing to Orisa, the former Rogue roster did their best impression of competitive queue on this play. Important to note is that “sneaky” Soon, as he’s become known, kept China on their toes (off their toes?) with mines and left-click spam, giving China’s own Bastion a very hard time. France would go on to hold the next round with just one point remaining, winning the map at six points to five, and advancing to the next round of the tournament.

Next time you feel like telling that Bastion one-trick to switch heroes on an escort map, just remember what France did at the Overwatch World Cup!