Here's when Forza Motorsport unlocks in your time zone

Forza Motorsport cars
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Forza Motorsport represents a fresh start for the racing series on PC, and it feels outstanding: while our review criticizes the career mode for playing it safe, it also praises the vehicle handling and "newfound sense of weight to FM's cars."

"They let you know exactly how much their tires are complaining against the G-forces you're putting through the platform, with much more precise detail than 2017's Forza Motorsport 7 did," writes sim racing veteran Phil Iwaniuk. We'll all be able to hit the track shortly, as Forza Motorsport is finding its slot before the race begins on October 10. Unless you happen to pay for early access, in which case Forza Motorsport is available starting October 5.

Here's exactly when you can play.

When does Forza Motorsport unlock?

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On Steam, Forza Motorsport will unlock globally at 12:01 am ET on October 5 for Premium Edition and Premium Add-Ons Bundle owners. It will unlock globally at 12:01 am ET on October 10 for everyone else. Here's how that breaks down across time zones:

  • PT: 9:01 am, October 4
  • ET: 12:01 am, October 5
  • BST: 5:01 am, October 5
  • CEST: 6:01 am, October 5
  • AEDT: 3:01 pm, October 5

If your time zone isn't listed above and the math is confusing, hit this link to do the work for you.

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Now it gets a bit more complicated. Why have two release times when you can have four, right? Instead of a simultaneous global release on Xbox consoles and the Xbox PC app, Forza Motorsport is rolling out at 12:01 am in each region on October 5 and October 10. Refer to the chart above for how that breaks down.

Does Forza Motorsport have a preload on PC?

It sure does. Forza Motorsport is available to preload on PC now, on both Steam and the Xbox app.

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