How to knock down timber pines in Fortnite

Fortnite - A player holds a lightsaber while looking at a tree stump of a timber pine
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Star Wars is still in Fortnite, and the galaxy far far away has brought a seemingly endless flurry of challenges along with it. If you hate trees (or are just looking for a way to blaze through your Force quests) we have you covered on where to find and knock down Fortnite's gargantuan timber pines. 

Where to find timber pines 

(Image credit: Epic GAmes)

Timber pines can be found scattered around the map, most densely in the northern areas of the Fortnite map like Brutal Bastion and snowy locations. You should stumble into one very close to anywhere you drop. Luckily, looking for a tall, imposing pine tree isn't too difficult. It's worth noting that if you're doing this for the Fortnite Clone Wars quest you have the option of destroying the tree with Force Push, Pull, Throw, or a swift cut of a lightsaber. So make sure you run over to Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Maul and get some training before heading out to find your timber pine nemesis.

When you run up to a timber pine, you have options with how to knock it down. All of them are equally viable and don't affect your rewards. Before you land the final blow, take a second to consider how the Lorax might feel about your actions. If you don't care, then simply start slashing away with your lightsaber. When it comes to base health, these trees are on the beefier side, but that shouldn't matter too much under the weight of your Force-based advantages.

After you wrap up your lumberjack side mission, you'll gain 200 galactic reputation, a real Fortnite currency that hosts a limited time Star Wars battle pass featuring Darth Maul and Clone trooper skins. You have all the tools to complete this quest, young padawan. I believe.

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