Fortnite: Joker canister locations

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The clown prince of crime is at it again, this time on Fortnite's map, and it's up to you to go around and find three Joker canisters, all as part of the Welcome to Gotham City challenges.

To finish this challenge, you'll need to find three Joker canisters, but there are five total on the map. Here's a list of three easy ones that you should be able to get in a single match.

Joker canister location 1

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At Pleasant Park, look for the park shed thing (I've honestly forgotten what you call these) in the center of town, head inside, and the Joker canister will be resting against one side.

Joker canister location 2

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Over at Loot Lake, you'll find Joker canister two by the biggest building (the one with a big cable leading from the lake to the building) and the canister is sitting next to an old car.

Joker canister location 3

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Over at Salty Springs, look for the overturned red truck.

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