Dishonored 3, Oblivion and Fallout 3 remasters appear in leaked list of unannounced Bethesda games

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A slew of unannounced Bethesda games that were in the works have emerged from a July 2020 presentation that was accidentally shared along with other confidential documents during the trial between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission, The Verge reports.

The presentation in question comes from Microsoft prior to its acquisition of ZeniMax, Bethesda's parent company. The slide lays out a four-year release schedule for games set to be developed or published by the studio between 2020 and 2024's fiscal years.

There are some huge hitters here that have gone unannounced—like an Oblivion remaster that was originally slated for fiscal year 2022 but has yet to come to fruition. Dishonored 3, a Fallout 3 remaster, and sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo are all listed with a fiscal year 2024 release date, as well as a new Doom game, Year Zero, which was planned for fiscal year 2023.

Other games listed include the unnamed Indiana Jones game that was announced in 2021, and some codenamed goodies like Project Kestrel (which previously appeared in the huge Nvidia leak), Project Platinum, and a mighty vague "Licensed IP Game".

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Something that's worth mentioning is that, as is obvious with entries like the overdue Oblivion remake, this slide is out of date. Especially thanks to ongoings like Covid-19, the original timeline laid out is likely pretty out of whack at this point. We can further confirm that when looking at games like Project Hibiki—the codename for Hi-Fi Rush—which only released earlier this year as opposed to fiscal year 2021. Even a game like Elder Scrolls 6 which is slated for fiscal year 2024 here, we now know doesn't plan to release until at least 2026, probably later.

It's definitely an interesting list though, and I wonder how many of these projects are still in the works. An Oblivion and Fallout 3 remaster are especially interesting, and as someone who never really got into the latter I'd love a chance to give a polished-up version a try. If we end up not getting the former, at least we've always got the lovely folk over at Skyblivion hard at work to bring something similar, and we actually have a release date for that one

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