First Stellaris video diary explores how historians handle sci-fi


Stellaris has long-running series of dev diaries, spanning galaxy generation to slavery. In the run-up to the May 9 release, a video series joins them to show you the space battles/biological abominations/orbital lasers in action as you commune with the devs.

The first is already out and puts me in mind of an elaborate Mass Effect cutscene in which game director Henrik Fåhraeus plays the Illusive Man. In part one, PDS talks through how gaming's biggest history boffins are turning their talents to sci-fi. Accompanying it is some brand new footage, including hideous flea-creatures and squid-like spaceships. Sign me up.

Election Stellaris

An old fashioned text dev diary has appeared too, detailing population factions and elections, if your space empire believes in such things. Basically it asks you to think about how you'll keep frontier worlds aligned with the ethos of your ruling centre (I'm all for the orbital lasers). Intriguingly, you'll be able to influence the outcome of elections but you won't have absolute control—it might not be good for your empire, but it would be amusing to see a cretinous mushroom-man rise to power on a wave of popular support.

If May feels like a long time away, we've got half an hour of galactic carnage saved from the PC Gamer Weekender.