Final Fantasy XIV offers PC gamers a creepy warning

FFXIV - does it care too much

I've been playing some Final Fantasy XIV recently, and was surprised to be confronted by a strange message. It appears every time I start the game, and reminds me not to forget about my friends, my school, or my work. It's nice to know that SquareEnix care, but do they care just a little bit too much?

Let's not forget that Final Fantasy XIV also limits the amount of time you can play each week, presumably to stop us from playing too much. It seems as though SquareEnix have our best interests at heart, but at the same time it's all a little bit creepy. As a games company, are my relationships with my friends, school or work really any of their business? Is it acceptable for a game I've paid for to berate me for playing it?

Tom Senior

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