Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward benchmark tool released

Final Fantasy Xiv Heavensward

Everyone loves a good benchmarking session, and fortunately Square Enix agrees - it has released the benchmarking tool for Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming expansion, Heavensward.

You can download the benchmarking tool right here, and it allows you to check to see if your rig is up to spec for the expansion. It is 1.6GB in size, though, so do bear that in mind if you expect to be marking benches within a few seconds of clicking 'agree'.

Heavensward introduces things like flying mounts and the other new elements you would expect from any major expansion, but it also includes a graphical upgrade for Final Fantasy XIV. Moving the tech under the hood from Direct X 10 to Direct X 11 means more emprettied features!

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launches on June 23, with early access for pre-orders available from June 19.