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Final Fantasy 9 is finally coming to PC

Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy IX, the secret best Final Fantasy title, is coming to PC, only 15 years after it released for the original PlayStation. Square Enix announced the news on their Japanese site here (thanks, NeoGAF!), and while there's no guarantee it'll release in the West, the fact that you can view that site in English makes me hopeful.

The belated PC port will feature "high-definition graphics, newly added achievements, auto-save, high speed mode, and several game boosting features", and that's thankfully not code for "we made the game look hideous", a la Final Fantasy VI. You can see how the port looks in the accompanying trailer:

Oh, and in these screenshots from Famitsu. It looks absolutely fine! Phew.

Final Fantasy IX is coming to PC (and smartphones) "soon".