Final Fantasy 6 mod project plans to fix sprites

Final Fantasy VI

We've seen some good remasters on PC this year: Resident Evil, Homeworld, Grim Fandango. Final Fantasy VI is not one of them. It seems to be a port of the mobile edition, complete with reworked visuals that bleach the original sprites into a brighter, almost rasterised style. That might not be an issue for many, but if you're looking for a faithful recreation of the original—not so great.

Modders are on the case. Jed Lang in the Steam forums has already found a way to repeal the filter that smooths the sprites' pixellated edges out, and you can see the results above. There's a download on this thread.

Work is ongoing, and modders hope to eventually replace the sprite sheet with the original SNES artwork to turn this FFVI release into the definitive version.