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Final Fantasy 15 director on nude mods: if they go 'too far' they may affect the future of FF modding

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We weren't too surprised when we learned that Final Fantasy 15 is coming to PC, but the news that came after was definitely unexpected: it will be moddable and have Steam Workshop support (opens in new tab). I don't typically expect big, console-focused games to even address the question of moddability, never mind endorse modding.

Recently, game director Hajime Tabata did express some hesitation (opens in new tab), though. While Final Fantasy 15 modding won't be restricted, nude mods, or presumably anything deemed salacious, are a worry of the developers. Tabata said he doesn't think such mods are "a good thing," but doesn't want to restrict the modding community anyhow.

At PAX West this weekend, Steven spoke to Tabata about the topic further, with Tabata's answers coming by way of a translator. While it's ultimately up to the CEO of Square Enix, he says that "if things are taken a little too far," the mods for Final Fantasy 15 might affect the moddability of future Final Fantasy games. "So if there's anything we can say, it's try to be as controlled as possible."

Tabata also suggests that because the protagonists are male, libidinous mods may be less popular, though I wouldn't expect that assumption to hold true. You can watch Steven's full interview with Tabata in the video above, and check out the rest of our PAX West 2017 coverage here

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