FIFA 12 will be "as good on PC as it is on console"

FIFA 12 Thumbnail

FIFA eh? It's a sore point for PC gaming football fans. Especially when they're told the PC version won't be as hot as the console counterparts. As Rich mentioned in his FIFA 11 review : "It's hard not to be jealous of FIFA 11's flashier console cousin."

But it's all change on the FIFA front. Eurogamer report that executive producer Kaz Makita has been bigging up our version of the ball-kicking sim, saying: "This is the moment all PC gamers have been waiting for, as they are finally going to fully experience the award-winning FIFA gameplay on their preferred platform." Contrary to popular belief we are getting the Player Impact Engine - that's the new tech that makes fatter players heavier and thinner players more flimsy.

Click through for the first PC screenshot and gameplay trailer.

According to Makita, "PC fans are going to enjoy the highest quality gameplay, deepest game modes and truest graphics ever developed for the platform, including our new live service EA Sports Football Club."

An identical feature set running at a higher resolution on a more powerful machine? Sounds like a decent deal to us. Will you be picking up FIFA 12 when it releases on September 30?