Far Cry 4 to get permadeath challenge DLC next month

Far Cry 4 Chopper

Is permadeath an attractive back-of-the-box feature? It is, after all, pretty easy to simulate. Die? Delete your save file. Permadeath.

Nevertheless, for those of us who can't be trusted to follow our self-set rules, permadeath forms the bases of Far Cry 4's upcoming DLC add-on. Escape From Durgesh Prison starts you with one life, no weapons, a bunch of optional side-quests, and a mission to get the hell out. Also: you're against the clock.

"After Ajay and Hurk wake up in Yuma’s prison," exposits a press release, "stripped of all their weapons, they will need to complete challenges to find new weapons and unlock skills. Take your time to plan and be careful, but not too much time because the clock is still ticking and you need to reach the extraction point."

It's a challenge mode, essentially, with leaderboards to determine who among your friends is the best at not being murdered by assault-rifle-carrying jerks and/or tigers.

Escape From Durgesh Prison comes out 13 January, and'll cost $10 for those not armed with a season pass.

Phil Savage

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