The best Far Cry 3 mods


A collection of tinier mods for changing your Far Cry 3 experience.

Enhanced Weapon Holster

Though an impressive accomplishment, scaling a sheer cliff face while holding a 30-pound sniper rifle isn't exactly reflective of the real world. Luckily, the Enhanced Weapon Holster automatically shoulders your weapon after performing an action such as exiting a safehouse or vehicle, because if you're going to sprint clear across a tropical island without breaking a sweat, you'll need both hands free to high-five everyone along the way.

Far Cry 3 Ultra-Low Configuration mod

Ultra-Low Configuration Mod

Far Cry 3's heavily modified Dunia engine touts great visuals across a wide spectrum of hardware setups, but the pursuit of ever-higher framerates is a PC gaming mainstay. If you have no problems with trading quality for an overall boost to your FPS, the Ultra-Low Configuration Mod lowers shadows, viewing distances, and detail levels for a smoother performance.!

Stop Object Blinking

The golden glow of ammo, fallen enemies, and plants can remove one from of the experience being a tattooed survivor, but a simple fix only involves a couple of snips using a hex editor. Objects will no longer Midas at you when you get close, a boon for realism junkies.

Difficulty mods

Hardcore Mode

Oddly absent from Far Cry 3's default difficulty levels, Hardcore Mode (the actual download link might be hard to spot, so grab it here ) disables nearly every map icon, tracking symbol, and resource location mark. Couple it with the Minimap Removal mod, and you'll make exploration a serious task..

Far Cry 3 Mixmod


Not as severe as Hardcore Mode, Mixmod instead focuses on breaking your wallet. Lowered loot off bodies, a tripled resource cost on syringes, and changes to when weapons become available in the shop strains your cashflow and "makes you feel not so rich, boy." We're scared.

Far Cry 3 New Crafting and Economy

New Crafting and Economy

You'll really need to become a master botanist if you install the New Crafting and Economy mod. Practically every item needing plants climbs in crafting requirements, and plants are now needed in addition to animal skins to fashion bags, holsters, and ammo pouches.

Far Cry 3 Swartz mod compilation

Swartz Compilation

The Swartz collection (sounds like an upscale clothing line, but we digress) packs together a bunch of mods found throughout this guide into a single file, but a couple of new mutations appear as well. Most notably, the included Neverland mod provides the option to either capture a safehouse for use or let it return into the pirates' clutches. Multiple weapon behavior tweaks and a cheeky side-effect for the Nature Boy syringe (hint: it sounds like "marine iguana") round out Swartz's content.

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