Fanatical's Curve Digital Sale sees Bomber Crew, Flame in the Flood going cheap for a limited time

As you may have spied earlier this month, digital deals site Bundle Stars has been reworked and rebranded as Fanatical. Its Curve Digital Sale is live now, should you fancy some neat deals into the weekend. 

With up to 90 percent off certain games—such as the lovely Stealth Bastard Deluxe (69p) and its follow-up Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (£1.29), the Curve Digital Sale gathers the indie publisher's best at a fraction of their normal cost. 

Bomber Crew is most likely the pick of the bunch, going for £11.99 with a 29 percent discount, while my favourite is a toss up between The Flame and the Flood and Manual Samuel—which are £7.49 and £2.79 respectively.

Here's an excerpt from Chris' review of the former: 

At times The Flame in the Flood is a wonderfully serene experience, such as when paddling down the moonlit river—the calmer portions of it, anyway—accompanied by a sleepy, twangy soundtrack, or when sitting by a crackling campfire to cook corn muffins or brew dandelion tea, faithful dog Aesop by your side. It can quickly plunge into delicious, panicky chaos as well, such as when a storm suddenly rolls in, dousing your fire and forcing you to seek shelter and warmth, or when a single encounter with a wild animal leaves you bleeding, near death, and limping back to your raft on broken bones.

Fanatical's Curve Digital Sale is live now through Saturday November 25, at 8am GMT/midnight PT. 

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