Fallout: London modders just released a massive WWI-era gun you can try in Fallout 4

Man in tuxedo holding Lewis machine gun
(Image credit: Bethesda/Fallout London Team)

With Bethesda finishing up Starfield for a September 2023 release, and with The Elder Scrolls 6 still waiting in the wings, it's safe to say we won't see Fallout 5 for another… eight years? 10 years? Maybe more?

That's what makes Fallout: London such an exciting prospect for impatient Fallout fans. The full-conversion Fallout 4 mod will take players out of the United States and across the Atlantic to merry old England, where they'll experience weaponized elephants, murderous mailboxes, and radshrew-filled tube stations. 

(Unfortunately, plans for ghoulified royals King Charles and Queen Elizabeth in the mod were scrapped.)

The Fallout: London mod is due out sometime this year, but you don't have to wait any longer to get a taste. The modders have released a few weapons from Fallout: London as independent mods you can play with in Fallout 4, and the latest and most exciting is the massive Lewis machine gun. Modder and animator Neeher has created a video about the gun you can watch below.

And if you haven't seen Neeher's mod videos before (the modding wizard also managed to create working ladders in Fallout 4) you should really check it out because it's delightful. In the video, Neeher, dressed in a trademark tuxdeo, is fully voiced, lip synched, and wonderfully animated, and gives a pleasing introduction to the huge weapon which can be used both in and out of power armor and even held underhand or overhand with a carry handle attachment:

The mod is based on the actual weapon: the Lewis gun is an American designed, UK-produced light machine gun used in the First World War and remained in service all the way through the Korean War. Typically it was mounted on a tripod (and later mounted on aircraft) but this is Fallout, so in-game you just carry this big sucker around on your hip and shred super mutants with it, then reload the rotating pan magazine on top.

The Lewis is also customizable, so you can convert it to fire laser or plasma rounds. Once installed, you'll find the gun inside Fort Strong, or you can simply add it to your inventory using the console command 'player.additem XX000F99 1'. Once you've got it, you'll be able to craft additional Lewis guns at your chemistry bench.

While you're chewing up enemies with the Lewis gun mod, which you can find at Nexus Mods, you might as well install the other standalone Fallout: London weapon and armor mods that have been made available, which include a German Luger, a Webley 1913 magazine-fed pistol, an M72 Gauss Rifle, a Royal Guard uniform, and a suit of armor from the 12th Century Crusades. You'll find links to them all on Fallout: London's releases page

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