Fallout fan builds Vault-Tec door, is awesome

DIY Vault Door

Fans riled up for November's release of Fallout 4 have done a lot of things to get psyched. Now, from rural Canada, comes a functioning Vault-Tec (Home Division) vault door. The huge door was built by Trey Hill as a way of putting a personal touch on his newly built home.

"I tell most people I built it because I am north and bored, but the real reason is I recently built the house," Trey told PC Gamer. "My wife said, 'since you built us a house, the basement is yours to do what you want.' She may end up regretting that statement."

Fallout Vault Door

The vault door, which weighs about 100 pounds and is rolled open and closed by hand, was built on a budget of about $400. Trey spent a month on it in his home in Newfoundland, Canada, bringing a touch of the nuclear post-apocalypse to the entrance to his home theater. Trey is an IT manager for the local school, so the code for a missing web page, 404, seemed an appropriate designation for his vault.

"The hardest part was making the door fit the hole without having it fall through or sit twisty," Trey said. "To fix this, the back side of the cog is slightly smaller than the front, so it slides in nicely and doesn't fall through."

You can see more pictures of the door build and the finished product in Trey's imgur albums. A bonus GIF of the door opening and closing is embedded below.