Fallout 4 meets Silent Hill 2 in horror mod Claustrophobia

"After receiving a lead to a condemned apartment complex on the outskirts of West Roxbury, you are compelled to visit it." You probably wouldn't guess it, but that's the setup for a Fallout 4 mod (OK, sure, West Roxbury kinda gives it away, but play along). It's called Claustrophobia, and it's a little house of horrors inspired by Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 1 built entirely within Fallout 4. 

Claustrophobia creator Supernath97 describes the mod as "a fan homage to the cancelled Silent Hills game," and says it takes about 30 minutes to complete once you make your way to the condemned apartment, which is apparently filled with unkillable monsters and secret notes. There's also a custom Deathclaw (created by modder Hopper31), which makes it sound a bit like an extension of Devil's Due, a sidequest that sends you to a creepy mansion turned Deathclaw nest, one of my favorite quests. 

"Unveil its long forgotten story and explore its tight halls filled with unnerving creaks and squeaks," Supernath97 says. "Mannequins taunt you every corner, walls turn inward and the layout seems impossible." 

Head to Nexus Mods for download and installation instructions for Claustrophobia and its requisite mod manager. And have a gander at these spooky screenshots:  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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