Fable Legends players will be offered refunds

Fable Legends

Microsoft dropped some unexpected and unhappy news earlier today when it announced the looming closure of Lionhead Studios. The end of Lionhead also means the end of Fable Legends, the free-to-play action-RPG it had been working on since mid-2012. Fortunately, players who spent money on it will be able to get it back.

“We will be providing all players who purchased gold a full refund,” the studio confirmed on the Fable Legends website. “Players who are eligible for a refund will be provided further information by email within the next 7 days.”

Lionhead said that Fable Legends will continue to operate until 10 am EST on April 13. Players who are already in the closed beta will be able to continue playing until then, but no new players will be accepted, and purchases of in-game gold have already been disabled.

Andy Chalk

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