Evidence is mounting for an upcoming Minecraft Bedrock world editor mode

Minecraft - Alex holds a telescope
(Image credit: Mojang)

First reported by Eurogamer, a Minecraft-focused account by the name of Roger Badgerman shared a 45-second clip of a purported Minecraft world editor⁠—a functionality that would allow for rapid, large scale changes to a Minecraft world or the construction of massive structures on the fly.

The innovation here would be implementing such a feature in Minecraft Bedrock, the retail, multiplatform version of Minecraft that took it to such superstar heights on the tablets of nephews and little cousins the world over. As Eurogamer alludes, such functionality has been hinted at in datamining for a while now, like in this post from Minecraft add-on developer SmokeyStack.

The classic, harder core Java edition of Minecraft has had mods that allow for large-scale editing for a long time, and these sorts of tools figure in many of the community's impressive viral builds, as well as premium purchases in the Bedrock edition's in-game store.

Badgerman's clip shows off some intuitive, brushlike tools for crafting blocks in a Minecraft world, and he also demonstrates the copy and pasting of everything from individual blocks up to massive structures. The functionality captured by Badgerman is impressive, but we've yet to hear official word from Microsoft on when such a feature may be planned to come to Bedrock.

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