EVGA announces trio of Z370 motherboards with cable cutouts

EVGA is adding to the growing pile of Z370-chipset motherboards designed for Intel's 8th generation Core processors (Coffee Lake). The company announced three new models, each of which contain power connector cutouts to make it easier to route cables.

These little sections of sliced PCB can be helpful in maintaining a clean layout, though that's partially dependent on your case—ideally there would be a cable cutout nearby to tuck the power cable neatly out of sight.

Other shared features between EVGA's new Z370 Classified K, Z370 370 FTW, and Z370 Micro include a six-layer PCB, reinforced PCIe slots, dual BIOSes with an onboard switch, and Intel Optane Memory support.

The Z370 Classified K separates itself from the pack with HDMI 2.0 connectivity and a pair of Killer DoubleShot Pro Gigabit LAN ports. It also has an external clock gen to provide more power and stability, a feature that is also found on the Z370 Micro but not the Z370 FTW.

Both the Z370 Classified and Z370 FTW are full-size ATX motherboards with three M.2 slots, including two 80mm slots and a shorter 32mm slot. They also feature six SATA 6Gbps ports, USB 3.1 connectivity (Type-A and Type-B), and four DIMM slots supporting up to 64GB of DDR4-4133MHz+ (OC) memory.

As the name implies, the Z370 Micro is a micro-ATX motherboard for smaller builds. It has half as many DDR4 DIMM slots supporting up to 32GB of RAM and one less 80mm M.2 slot. It also has two PCIe x16 slots (both reinforced) instead of three found on the other two motherboards, and is the only motherboard of the three to come with onboard 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

For lighting effects, the Z370 Classified K has multiple RGB headers, while the Z370 Micro has one. There does not appear to be any on the Z370 FTW.

EVGA says all three boards will are "coming soon." There is no mention of price.

Paul Lilly

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