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Everything on eBay is 10% off right now

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(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons via Steven Arnold)

eBay occasionally releases site-wide coupons, and that has happened again today. While this isn't one of the usual 15% off discounts, the latest promo code will take 10% off any purchase, at a maximum value of $100.

All the usual limitations apply—the code can only be used in one transaction (but you can check out with multiple items), it doesn't apply to shipping costs, and you can't buy anything in the money/gift cards/real estate categories.

While you can easily pick up used PC components with the coupon, here are some new products from reputable sellers (Newegg, EVGA, etc.):

To use the discount, you just have to enter code PICKUPTEN at checkout. eBay says the code will expire tomorrow (Friday, October 26) at 8AM ET.

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