EVE: Rubicon trailer takes a cinematic look at new ships and serious faces

Apparently there are some new consoles being released, which would explain why the multi-format sites are running around like excitable puppies. While they paw and maul the new PlayBoxes and X-Stations, we can relax a little, and lap from the steady stream of PC news. Slow, intractable, and about spaceships: it doesn't get more PC than EVE Online, which is teasing its upcoming Rubicon expansion with a rather fetching cinematic trailer. Also, I want a puppy now.

Ah, cinematic trailers. So pretty, yet so lacking in actual information. So what does Rubicon offer? The expansion's micro-site gives the rundown .

The driving philosophy behind Rubicon seems to be giving even more control to the game's players. Part of that means player-created mobile structures, designed as the first step towards full colonisation. But it also means a combat tweak that makes guerilla style hit-'n-run tactics viable. In addition, "ghost sites" will offer unique rewards at the expense of a risky combat and hacking focused challenge, and warp drives and the certification system are being overhauled.

Rubicon will be coming to EVE Online for free, on the 19th November.

Phil Savage

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