EVE Online's 19th expansion, Odyssey, revealed

CCP's decade-old space sandbox (starbox?) will be changing once again on June 4. Odyssey, the 19th free expansion to the game, is slated to bring more incentives for exploration and a "fresh and accessible user interface." This will not be the first such overhaul for Spreadsheet Commando's UI, and seems in line with a general design direction of making the game less dauntingly byzantine for new pilots.

Also on the dockett are "universe-wide resource redistribution and ship rebalancing will shake up the entire EVE metagame." I'm not sure what kinds of redistribution are planned, but its sure to cause chaos as alliances maneuver to control the new high-yield systems. Beautiful, wondrous chaos.

We'll no doubt be hearing more about Odyssey at Fanfest in April. Along with, maybe, some more soild info on that other game CCP's supposed to be working on. *COUGH COUGH COUGH*