EVE Online: A Future Vision trailer shows a future vision

CCP Games just released this pre-rendered trailer depicting their vision of the future of EVE Online. It shows a lot of things we've known about for a long time, including detailed characters, explorable stations, and the interplay between EVE's space war and ground battles happening in console action game Dust 514. It's an almost staggeringly ambitious project, and although the trailer doesn't show any actual game , it's easy to get excited about its potential.

I'm writing this from the main conference hall at the EVE Online fan fest, where the CEO of CCP just showed the trailer for the first time to a crowd of hundreds of EVE Online fans. They gave the trailer a standing ovation, before yelling to see it a second time. Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said he would show it again if the crowd stood and yelled "FUCK YEAH!" three times, which everyone around me hurriedly did. If you're willing to fly to Iceland to celebrate your love of the game, what's a little profanity?