Europa Universalis 4 trailer celebrates launch with historically relevant wishful thinking

What's the point of a grand strategy if not to rewrite history? Paradox's launch trailer for Europa Universalis IV has us cowering at the prospect of a mighty Swedish empire, and its plans to secure global domination through a sneaky backstab to the spine of England. Reality may not yet recognise this particular version of the past, but then reality isn't now available to buy on Steam.

What the trailer does do is highlight the flexibility of its 1444 empire building. I didn't play previous EUs, but from the looks of things, the stories it enables will be every bit as varied and divergent as those told by Crusader Kings II. Albeit without the need to constantly stop and assign a tutor to a sodding child.

Paradox have also made the pre-order content available as day-one DLC for the game, in case you've a sudden urge to delve into any of its models and events. The CK2-EU4 game save converter is also available as a pricey DLC option for Crusader Kings II.

Europa Universalis IV is available now for £34.99/$39.99. A demo is also available.

Phil Savage

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