Epos Gaming to 'wind down' but some employees have already lost their jobs

Epos H3Pro Hybrid gaming headset
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Update: As a result of its "wind down" of its gaming division, Epos has reportedly laid off many of its staff. The company has since said some will remain in their positions until the end of the year and that some employees have moved into roles in the enterprise business. Though, it would still appear that many have been let go with immediate effect.

Original story: Epos' gaming business is being shuttered by parent company Demant, putting an end to the range of gaming headsets, microphones and accessories well-known under the Epos and Sennheiser brand names. All employees have reportedly been laid off.

Demant, a hearing aid company, no longer wishes to pursue gaming peripherals due to "weak consumer sentiment" in the gaming market.

"... we do not see a viable path to creating a profitable business without significant investments in products, brand and distribution," Søren Nielsen, President & CEO of Demant, said in a press release.

Demant calls the closure a "wind down", as it will take until 2024 for the business and inventory of existing products to disappear. It will instead focus on enterprise and communications.

All employees have reportedly been made redundant, with quick effect, as a result of the closure.

In a post to LinkedIn, ex-Epos employee Troels Rasmussen says "everybody was laid off" as a result of the closure, and laments not having one more year to turn things around. Epos' head of communications also suggests the layoffs have included all employees in an email seen by PC Gamer.

Epos' gaming business, born out of a previously demerged joint venture with Sennheiser, includes headsets such as the H6Pro, H3, and H3Pro Hybrid. All of which were well received in our own reviews of these products. Epos also took on older designs such as the PC38X, alongside the now Corsair-owned Drop, which is a popular headset design now likely to be discontinued in the near-future.


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