Enjoy this 4K footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Gunfight mode

We recently got our first look at the upcoming Modern Warfare's Gunfight mode, a fast-paced 2v2 mode featuring small maps and rotating weapons loadouts. Now, Infinity Ward has released a new 4K video of Gunfight. There's no commentary or player chatter this time around, just six minutes of a couple teams doing Call of Duty things.

In the video we see the Pine, King, and Stack maps. Pine, as you might expect, is set in a forest clearing, and the more obliquely-named King is a warehouse MOUT training site. Stack appears to be a shipping depot. It's all captured in 4K and 60 fps, so if you've got the monitor for it, crank it up and enjoy the carnage.

The only thing missing from the video, really, is seeing what dying looks like. The player whose perspective we share throughout doesn't get killed once.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out October 25.