Enderal, the biggest Skyrim mod ever, is being made compatible with Skyrim Special Edition

Fighting the undead in Enderal Special Edition
(Image credit: SureAI)

Last month SureAI, the team behind the hugely popular Skyrim overhaul Enderal, announced they have moved on to focus on a commercial project, and won't be updating Enderal to be compatible with Skyrim Special Edition (the original version required "Oldrim" to play). However, fans have since taken on the task and created a version of Enderal that runs in the Skyrim Special Edition engine, with a Steam release on the way.

Advantages of being able to play Enderal in Skyrim Special Edition include "smoother image quality and improved lighting effects" as well as "Best performance and stability", they say. It also makes a VR version possible, and someone's working on a VR mod already.

The current version of Enderal SE available on NexusMods requires the original mod and a few others to be installed, but a standalone version is coming. The Steam page for it has a release date of "March 2021". You won't even need Skyrim SE installed to play with this version, though of course you'll still need to own it.

If you missed out on this well-loved mod the first time, here's what the first 20 hours of Enderal are like.

Jody Macgregor
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