End of Nations trailer fires napalm strikes at metal men

Trion Worlds have released a new trailer for their ambitious multiplayer RTS End of Nations, showing off the oversized guns of one of the game's playable two factions. The Liberation Front, not be be confused with those dirty splitters The Front of Liberation, fight for Truth, Justice and The American Way Freedom. I'm going to put money on them being the good guys here. The 'Shadow Revolution' don't sound friendly.

The faction consists of two primary 'classes' that your commander can specialise in. The heavily armoured Spartans field tough heavy tanks, flamethrower wielding light tanks and tough infantry, who bizarrely still use handheld rifles despite being wearing giant mech suits. The Patriots on the other hand focus on lighter more mobile support units, like anti-air tanks, gunships and napalm firing artillery. Exactly how one remains a Patriot after the End of Nations is best left up to the imagination.

You can find a full breakdown of the units and how they work on the End of Nations website or you could read of End of Nations preview for our impressions of the game in action.