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Elder Scrolls Online to hold free weekend for beta players

The Elder Scrolls Online

Are you an Elder Scrolls Online beta player who never bought into the game proper? I certainly am—the beta having effectively sapped my interest in what was, at the time, weightless combat and uninspiring quests. Now, though, TESO is no longer a subscription MMO. More importantly, it seems, Zenimax has made some sweeping changes since that early test. As such, they're offering beta testers a chance to see what's new.

"From Thursday, April 16th at 15:00 BST through Monday, April 20th at 15:00 BST, we're inviting all beta players who never purchased the game to join us for a free weekend," explains the TESO blog. "You'll be able to download the game and experience all of our six major game updates, tons of improvements and fixes, and all of Tamriel Unlimited."

Are you tempted back by the offer? If so, check your emails—eligible participants should have received details explaining how to grab the 80GB download. [Mini-update: seems like the download is only around 40GB. Thanks, comments!]

(Ta, Videogamer.)

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