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Margit, grinning
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Elden Ring is funny. An opaque, philosophical RPG full of twisted, tragic monsters shouldn't be a great source of laughs, but somehow FromSoftware always manages to lighten the mood at unexpected moments. And sometimes it's not on purpose. It's a deeply weird game, and while its oddities aren't always inherently hilarious, there's still something in them that makes us want to crack jokes and spit out memes.

So instead of trying to dissect this complex epic, today I just want to share our favourite gags from across the internet. And then you can give us your own faves—we could all use a laugh. 

I absolutely must kick things off with this cracker from Polygon's Patrick Gill. 

It's perfect. It's a deep cut that doesn't make any sense unless you've visited this optional area, but that only makes me love it more. And it was serendipitous that I'd visit that area for the first time mere moments before clocking Gill's tweet. Get outta my head, Patrick. We're meant to be competitors. 

Naturally, the Dark Souls Toilets Twitter account has been taking full advantage of the new game. Honestly, it's hard to pick a fave here. The threatening ice spike loo? The gold loo that Godric, First Elden Lord absolutely uses as a throne? No, it's gotta be this one.  

While we're looking at animals, let's give Torrent some love. Despite Rich not being entirely convinced, Torrent is objectively one of the best horses (horse-goats?) around, but what if he shot fire out of his arsehole?

this_is_what_happens_when_you_feed_torrent_too from r/Eldenring

As a cheesy, spammy mage, I'm feeling a bit called out by this one. But hey, I'm still alive, so screw you all. 

Boasts about my magical prowess aside, I could not have finished Elden Ring (with my sanity intact) without lots of advice (and more than a few guides), and this Patches remix of a classic from dasharez0ne is an important PSA. 

This advice will lamentably not help Frasier, whose front door has become a fog gate.

But what boss lies beyond it? Smart money's on Eddie. There are a lot of devil dogs in Elden Ring, one of which is stronger than 11 Radahns.  

On the subject of sitcom characters becoming Elden Ring bosses, please enjoy Margit Simpson.  

It's been 150 hours of in-game time since I finally defeated the first major boss, and I'm still a bit nervous. 

Have you really beaten Elden Ring if you keep letting your summons do the hard work? Yes, absolutely. Ignore the naysayers and go fight some bosses with your best friend, the ghost of a jellyfish.

Aragorn gets it.

A confession: I never used my great runes. I know—I'm very good at Elden Ring. If only I spent more time looking at memes on Reddit.   

my_dumbass_finished_the_entire_game_without from r/Eldenring

To be fair, I did equip my first great rune early on, and much later figured out I needed to use a rune arc to activate it all by myself, but I'd already managed to get so far without it that I just decided to keep one hand tied behind my back for a laugh. Maybe I'll see what all the fuss what about in NG+. 

And finally, dog. 

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