EA hints (pretty obviously) at a Battlefield 6 reveal in June

A technical concept from Battlefield 6, possibly.
(Image credit: EA)

A rumor surfaced last week saying that Battlefield 6, or whatever the next Battlefield game ends up being called, would be officially announced on May 6. Alas, today is May 10, and there's been no sight of it—sometimes rumors are just rumors, it turns out. And today, Electronic Arts hinted pretty strongly that we won't actually be getting a proper look at the game until June.

"Words that rhyme with Soon," it tweeted. "June. Boom."

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That's an awfully clear sign that the next Battlefield will finally be unveiled sometime next month. My first thought is that a June reveal would actually be a little later than expected, as EA said in February that it would be officially revealed in spring. But I googled it, as one does, and it turns out that spring doesn't end until June 20, which gives EA the better part of a month to get things done within its self-imposed deadline.

More importantly, June is also the month of E3, which will run as a digital event for 2021, from June 12-15. Publisher press events at E3 are traditionally where big reveals like this happen.

It's just one cryptic tweet, so obviously you can't put too much stock into it, but it's also worth noting that the word "soon" figures prominently in the pinned tweet on the Battlefield account: "Get ready for our reveal soon™."

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