Dying Light 2 update aims to free players from infinite deathloops

Dying Light 2 lady with crossbow
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Another Dying Light 2 update appeared today as Techland continues to address bugs and other issues in its open world zombie-stomping sequel. As befitting a game filled with the undead, several of the major bugs being reported have to do with dying. Some players keep getting stuck in a deathloop (not the fun kind of Deathloop) where they die and respawn only to immediately die again.

Hopefully today's patch will help. Some players were getting stuck in a deathloop after leaving a co-op session and returning to singleplayer. Techland says that issue has been fixed with the exception of "some edge cases" which it will continue to investigate. Another death issue involved players on a quest getting killed and then respawning at a distant safehouse instead of somewhere inside the mission area. A button has been added to the death screen letting players specify if they want to respawn inside the mission area, so hopefully that sorts things out.

PC players have complained that Dying Light 2 doesn't let you completely rebind the keyboard and mouse controls, something I mentioned in my review. More keybinding options have been added in the patch. Players also asked for a "walk toggle" so Aiden doesn't have to run everywhere at top speed. Wish granted: Aiden can now amble.

Here are the full Dying Light 2 patch notes for PC:

  • Added additional video settings (including motion blur and distance blur).
  • Fixed blocks resulting in player ending in a deathloop after COOP session. Some edge cases may still not be fixed and are being investigated.
  • Death screen now has a button that allows to spawn player inside mission area preventing a block.
  • Fixed numerous crashes and improved game stability.
  • Added option to switch in-game voiceover between localized and original (English).
  • Added additional video settings (including motion blur and distance blur).
  • Various improvements for keyboard and mouse key binding options (including walk toggle option and switch between toggle and hold aiming).
  • Proper music now plays for peers in COOP sessions.

Today's Dying Light 2 update follows on the heels of a patch that improved DLSS a couple days ago. And if you simply can't wait for Techland's patches to fix everything, modders are also making their own improvements, like tweaking Dying Light 2's physics and death animations

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