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Dungeon of the Endless announced, from the developers of Endless Space

Amplitude Studios are gearing up to announce their second game, after the stately 4X space strategy Endless Space. Dungeon of the Endless is... well, actually, we don't yet know what Dungeon of the Endless is. For now, the developers are keeping the specifics a mystery, choosing to the reveal the game through a tantalising pixel cutscene of spaceship destruction, planetary crash landings and an unanswered question.

The question the devs are posing is "what's behind the door?" And they've set up a contest for people to post their guesses . Personally, I'd say the more interesting question is: what does the Endless of the title refer to? Is it that the game is set in the Endless Space universe, complete with its varied alien races? Certainly the trailer could be the fallout from one of that game's battles. But the title could also be more literal: Endless in the roguelike sense of procedural generation. My money is on both.

We'll find out for sure later in the month at Gamescom, when Amplitude plan to officially announce the game.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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