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Driftmoon: a charming, old-fashioned RPG released after seven years in development

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Husband-and-wife team Ville and Anne Mönkkönen (AKA Instant Kingdom) have been working on the sweet-natured, lighthearted RPG Driftmoon (opens in new tab) for seven years, which in game development terms equates to at least an ice age. Thankfully, it's an ice age that has now come to a close, with the glacier thawing to reveal a massive, slick, isometric RPG featuring powerful modding tools - and with a big old demo (opens in new tab) to try out too.

I've had my eye on Driftmoon for years , so it was about time I finally had a go on the demo. I think the main thing keeping me from diving in was the game's dizzyingly shear top-down perspective, but that has thankfully been fixed via a recent patch. It's still possible to play in Ultima VII mode, if you move the camera a bit, but isometric is now the default viewpoint.

As for the game itself, well it's lovely, at least judging by my time with the demo. This isn't Planescape Torment; Driftmoon is a lighthearted role-playing adventure set in a detailed and imaginative but tongue-in-cheek world. I was reminded of Divine Divinity, goofy sense of humour and all.

Driftmoon is currently yours for €11.99/about a tenner - at least for a few more hours, after which the price bumps up to a still reasonable €15. 15% of the profit from each sale will be donated to the Red Cross.

Here's the launch trailer, if you catch my drift:

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