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Dragon Nest European closed beta now live, keys given away daily

It's taken a while, but action-based anime MMORPG Dragon Nest has finally arrived in Europe, entering a closed beta yesterday. It's not that closed though, as you can slurp up beta keys every day until the MMO officially opens for business on 6 March.

Though the anime aesthetic is about 500% of your daily recommended twee allowance, the actual action promises to be pretty thrilling, dispensing entirely with queued attacks and auto-targeting in favour of fighting-game combos and twitch-shooter rapid-fire bow combat. It's all skill-based, so even the lowest level player can take on hardened veterans.

As part of the run up to launch, there will be all kinds of competitions and rewards for beta participants - daily gifts, pets and in-game cash - and if the Dragon Nest beta clocks more than 8000 concurrent players, they'll let everyone keep their characters when the game goes live.

Have a look at the cinematic trailer for the Euro launch below, or snag yourself a beta key here .


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