Dragon Nest closed beta coming to Europe in February

Cutesy anime MMORPG Dragon Nest has been a long time coming to these shores. But finally, after an additional delay to ensure some extra Euro-friendly localisation, the South Korean action-RPG will be starting its European closed beta on the 27th of February.

What makes it stand out from other imported MMO fare is its focus on action - the promise is that everything is skill-based. There are no queued attacks and auto-targeting: battles here are a cross between fighting-game combo-brawls and frenetic twitch-shooter firefights, and even the lowest level player can dominate if they have the requisite talent.

As our American brothers discovered at an E3 hands-on way back in 2011, you can flip-kick a dude into the air then plug their flailing form with a dozen arrows before it crumples into the ground. That sounds like it might well be worth the wait.

Check below for a trailer to give you a sense of what to expect.


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