Dragon Nest beta ends with commercial launch

Free-to-play action-MMO Dragon Nest has concluded its beta and is now live. Players who participated in the open beta will be allowed to keep their characters and all the gear they acquired during the beta, while the level cap has been increased from level 24 to 32. The launch also come with a new zone, the city of Saint's Haven, where players can meet new characters and find new quests.

The launch also adds another 10 new dungeons and six to eight additional character skills for each specialization. There are also 250 new achievements.

Dragon Nest "follows the story of a band of adventurers as they battle corrupt dragons and their followers in order to save Verathea."

According to Nexon, the beta saw some prodigious achievements from its participants.

  • Players completed 103,387,490 dungeons
  • 439,988 characters reached level 15 and attained the first subclass specialization
  • 206,214 characters reached the game's prior level cap of 24
  • More than 2,957,400 player deaths occurred in dungeons on Abyss mode, the game's hardest difficulty level

You can download Dragon Nest from its official website .