Dragon Age: Inquisition unveils world (sorta) in latest dev diary

Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn't quite ready for a proper Gamescom showing, with EA and BioWare rocking up to the conference with, er, another dev diary, and one that didn't really show us anything new. Amid lots of promises and buzzwords and the customary bigging up of Frostbite 3, however, BioWare did reveal more about your role in the Inquisition.

As the video reveals - after a few glimpses of are-they-cutscenes and some admittedly quite lovely environmental shots - as the head of the Inquisition you'll be given your own agents (read: underlings) to order about. Presumably you'll use these guys to carry out low-level tasks, which would be demeaning to any self-respecting RPG hero - just kidding, there are no self-respecting RPG heroes. As this is a BioWare game (albeit one set in a "vast world"), choice is obviously important too, with the example given being the decision to save a burning village or to let it be destroyed - I'm guessing down to time constraints, rather than the Inquisitor being a bit of a jerk. As for the newly open world of Thedas, we're promised "rich, lush jungles", "barren wastelands", "beautiful forests" and mountaintops, which will make a pleasant change from the same cave interior repeated fifteen times.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is out next Autumn. For our complete Gamescom coverage, click on these words .

Tom Sykes

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