Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer introduces companions

Dragon, innit

In this Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer, we get an introduction to three of the game's new faces. Companions Iron Bull, Sera and Dorian are detailed; alternatively known as buff grey dude, crazy elf and slick wizard.

Inquisition, then. That's a game that's going to happen, and soon. 18 November is the US release date, with Europe lagging behind on 21 November. I'm currently blasting my way through Dragon Age 2 in preparation. Good thing I love grey/brown textures.

For all of DA2's faults, the writing is impeccable, and Inquisition's systems seem targeted at addressing its predecessors shortcomings. For more, check it out: "it" being Evan's hands-on impressions of the game.

Phil Savage

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