Dragon Age Inquisition screenshots show new environments, also The Fade

Bioware have released a bumper selection of screenshots from the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition—one of the few AAA releases still clinging to a 2014 launch. The new environmental shots show a series of areas set to debut in the RPG sequel, and also offer a look at the returning 'Fade'.

The magical, er, whatever it is, wasn't an entirely popular segment of the first Dragon Age: Origins, and spawned a popular mod to skip the bloody place entirely .

For lore fans, Bioware have also been filling out the backstory of these areas with in-character texts. Through them, you can read a Lord Seeker's address to the students of Therinfal Redoubt , or a First Enchanter's rambling thoughts about The Fade .

None of which will really matter when Dragon Age: Inquisition is released on October 7th. We'll all be too busy killing dragons and sexing companions.

The Fade

The Winter Palace

Therinfal Redoubt

Western Approach