Dota Underlords is getting a 'Proto-Battle Pass' next week

(Image credit: Valve)

Dota Underlords, Valve's Dota-themed autobattler, is due an update this week, with "experimental features" that the team's keen to test on its Early Access guinea pigs. There are some tweaks and reworks coming, too, along with the first version of the battle pass. 

We'll have to wait to find out what's in this beta battle pass, and you can give Valve feedback on what you'd like to see when the proper battle pass appears with the first season. Expect it to change a bit before launch, then. It due out next week. 

This week's update, due on Thursday, will also tweak Shaman and Warlock units, introduce three mystery items and the equally mysterious experimental features. No patch notes yet, but here's some of what's coming:

  • Warlock Alliance rework.
  • Warlock Units tweaks.
  • Shaman Alliance rework.
  • Shaman Units tweaks.
  • 3 New Items.
  • Tweaks to the Alliance Items and how they work.
  • Tweaks to Win and Lose Streaks.
  • Large Scoreboard.
  • And some experimental features.

Dota Underlords' launch was considerably more successful, at least in terms of player numbers, than the currently on-ice Artifact, though the numbers have steadily been declining for over a week. At its peak, it had more than 200,000 concurrent players, but that was ten days ago. Still, more than 100,000 people were playing at the same time yesterday, so it remains pretty busy. 

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Editor's note: The original headline stated the battle pass was coming this week, but that's just the update. The battle pass will appear next week. 

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