Divinity: Original Sin 2 players are killing the toughest enemies by turning them into chickens

Divinity: Original Sin is a game known for it's extremely flexible (and ridiculous) combat. After all, speedrunners routinely beat the final boss by filling a box with barrels until it's so heavy that simply dropping it on the beast instantly kills it. Fortunately, Original Sin 2 players are already finding equally absurd ways to kill enemies thanks to its much more refined combat. Sure, you could approach Original Sin 2's tough-as-nails fights in a serious manner, or you could turn your enemies into chickens and watch them murder themselves.

Starting out?

With more robust combat and a sprawling story, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an even more complex RPG that the first. If you're having trouble getting started, check out our beginner's guide that'll make the first 20 hours a little less bumpy.

Right now, two popular methods involve a skill called Rupture Tendons. It's a Scoundrel skill purchased from Hilde in Fort Joy once you reach level four. Once an enemy is hit with Rupture Tendons, every step they take causes additional piercing damage. Normally you'd use it on an enemy and hope they'll take a step or two after, but some clever players have found a way to make Rupture Tendons deal incredible amounts of damage.

The first method is called the Chicken Combo. While you have to wait until level four to get Rupture Tendons, characters who specialize in Polymorph skills can pick up Chicken Claw from Doctor Leste in Fort Joy at any time (Shadowblade and Metamorph classes start with Chicken Claw, and can pick up Rupture Tendons later with two points in Scoundrel). This spell turns foes into squabbling chickens that run around aimlessly for two turns. Get the idea?

Reduce any physical armor an enemy has to zero, hit them with Rupture Tendons, follow up by turning them into a chicken, and let natural selection do its job. As the chicken flees (feel free to cast Haste to give your chicken foe a boost), it'll accrue massive amounts of piercing damage that will kill weaker characters almost instantly. The best part is that Rupture Tendons scales with your basic attack and Finesse values, so the higher level you are the more damage the chicken takes with each step.

This video shows exactly how it works (potential spoilers):

The Chicken Combo has quickly become a community favorite, but redditor Ulminati has taken the idea in a bizarre direction: What if you cast Rupture Tendons on yourself?

You'll need a character with Necromancer skills Shackles of Pain (sold by Mona in Fort Joy Ghetto at level four) and Living on the Edge (drops randomly around level 11 or is a starter skill for Witch mercenaries hired in act two). Shackles of Pain forges a link between the caster and a target enemy so that any damage the caster receives is transferred to the victim. Living on the Edge prevents a character's health from dropping below 1 HP for two rounds.

See where this is going?

Reduce the boss's armor points and have one character cast Shackles of Pain on it, then have your Scoundrel attack that character with Rupture Tendons and your Necromancer cast Living on the Edge so that they'll stay alive. Now, every step that character takes will do damage that is channeled directly to the boss.

It'll transfer an absolutely hideous amount of damage through Shackles of Pain, and probably kill the boss.


When it's your turn again, have your character with Shackles of Pain run around like a headless chicken (preferably through fire and poison to transfer even more damage). If you can run them past other enemies, that'll provoke opportunity attacks that, again, will transfer to the boss. As Ulminati explains, "Your guy won't die, but it'll transfer an absolutely hideous amount of damage through Shackles of Pain, and probably kill the boss."

Again, you can cast Haste (sold by Stingtail in Fort Joy Ghetto) to give your shackled character some extra space to run around. The only thing is this combo will leave your character with just 1 HP, so be sure to have some healing ready to go once Shackles of Pain and Living on the Edge wears off.

It's a trickier combo to pull off, but Ulminati promises you can fell bosses in just a turn if done properly. And, better yet, this doesn't appear to be an exploit like the previous combo we wrote about that Larian is already planning on patching out.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has only been out for a week, so I can't wait to see what other kooky ideas people come up with. If you've discovered your own deadly combos (bonus points if they're as ridiculous as these ones) let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out our beginner's guide if you're having a little trouble getting started.

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