Divinity developer bringing surprise to E3

Divinity Original Sin 3


As spotted on RPG Codex, Larian Studios - the Belgian team behind Divinity: Original Sin - has inked a deal with Focus Home Interactive to work on a 'new title'. Details don't go much further than that aside from saying there will be a 'beautiful surprise' for players (and journalists) at this year's E3.

The better translation probably isn't 'beautiful surprise', but that's what Google Translate goes with so it's what I have to stick with - the French I picked up during school having left me the minute I left said school. You can read the full investors' information page here, if your French is a bit better than mine.

Focus is an independent French publisher that has brought titles like Styx: Master of Shadows, Blood Bowl II and Farming Simulator 2015 to shops in Europe. Safe to say it operates a mixed bag policy, but Larian collaborating with a publisher that can give it any additional distribution should be a good thing.

We'll have to wait until E3 to see what's actually going on though. And no, I don't have an inside track even though PC Gamer is involved with the PC Gaming Show.