Distance GDC trailer flies into rear-view


I don't drive, so as far as I'm concerned the amazing automotive acrobatics on show in this GDC trailer of the latest build of Distance could well be a highly accurate simulation of real life. Why aren't people wall-flipping, barrel-rolling and hover flying all over the M6? Is it a highway code thing? Or is it because real life is boring, requiring us to take solace from fast-paced neon seared racers full of deadly traps across futuristic cityscapes?

In this latest look at the game, we get to see not only how DeLorean style gullwing doors enable limited flight, how circular saw blades will cleave your vehicle in two, and how a perfectly executed mid-air twist is the perfect speed boost, but also a slightly redesigned UI - filling the car's back window with information on time, speed and the location of gravity.

Distance is an arcade racing game that focuses on survival and outlandish stunts. It successfully raised just over $160,000 on Kickstarter last year, securing both the game's existence and a couple of stretch goals - adding in replay recordings and randomly generated tracks. You can download its predecessor, Nitronic Rush, for free here .

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Phil Savage

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